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Thanks to all who make our weekly activities so much fun , Doug with his eclectic musical taste and wealth of knowledge , June with the quiz and Linda with the Book Club which is thriving. The virtual bar  - The Procrastinators Arms- finally opened and the Ladies Prosecco Appreciation Meetings are also a success.

We have in the past week started playing walking football  and the  Crown Green Bowls season is upon us this weekend, we will find out how our friends at Marine FC can support us & help us to provide a strong foundation to grow the community & help you, our PD family.

Our most popular activity by far is talking , not exclusively about PD and all of the areas it impacts all of our lives but we do have a very well informed group with access to a broad spectrum of up to date information. We often just chat about whatever comes up first from within these very fertile minds .

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Walking Football Team

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Northern Lights Walking Football Team




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